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Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz

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The magic Big Muff fuzz is a sound loved all over the world and is sometimes expressed as the “Wall of Sound”. This is a sound that is thick, heavy, and harmonically rich – being featured in genres like Grunge, Shoegaze, and various heavy genres of music. Along with this heavy sound, lead tones with a delicate and sustain-filled harmonic emphasis is also much loved. Playing lead lines with a delay pedal, one can hear classic lead guitar tones that have been used in historical masterpieces like the UK gloom and Latin Rock.

Over the years, there have been many design and function changes, each with their own legends, each loved by legions of players. Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz can reproduce the tones of the design known as the “Ram’s Head” variant produced in the early 1970s, which is one of the most popular versions of the classic circuit. Also, as with all our updated Animals Pedal effects, we have moved the footswitch to a front/right orientation, ease of battery replacement, as well as updated artwork. The whole sound has been fine-tuned to be more compatible with a wide variety of guitars and amplifiers.

Compared to other models, the RRF has stronger mid-tones and is a bit mellower, especially the lead tones – and if you crank up the TONE knob it will squeal for you. It’s tone that transcends genres and is loved by generations.

“The ‘real thing’ made in 1974 is wonderful. Rust Rod Fuzz probably went beyond that. You won’t need a heavy and big vintage fuzz anymore” – Marc Ahlfs (Skreddy Pedals)

Our RRF (designed by Marc, one of the best fuzz builders in the world) is a pedal that reconstructs the “Ram’s Head” circuit, which is renowned as a masterpiece among vintage fuzz pedals. With a huge and powerful tone, tight midrange, sharp and aggressive edges bring your distortion tone a thick fuzz from the mid 1970s with a unique and viscous dynamic response to your playing dynamics – especially good for heavy riffs and chords. Thick, endless sustain is possible and you can sculpt the tone effectively with the TONE knob. Start at the center and dial it in to match your amplifier and guitar. The Rust Rod Fuzz is a fuzz pedal with a smooth and old-school charm, as well as some tweaks and modern elements from the fuzz genius behind Skreddy Pedals. Get your vintage Muff fix with our RRF!

VOLUME: Adjusts the volume.
TONE: Controls the tone centered on high frequencies components.
SUSTAIN: Adjusts the strength and sustain length of fuzz's distortion.

Rust Rod Fuzz adopts true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

※When using batteries, please unplug the input jack to reduce battery consumption when storing the effector. Also, if you don't use it for a long time, please remove the battery and store it.

Size: 64 W x 112 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 376g

Animals Pedal x Skreddy Pedals

Effects pedals crafted with serious attention to detail. The vintage tone produced by Marc Ahlfs of Skreddy Pedals has continued to create inspiring sounds that have players around the world drooling – and once they taste it, they never forget it. The effects that Marc builds create an overwhelming sound and are known for luxurious construction with vintage and rare parts. So, it would be impossible for us to recreate these in any numbers.

Our founder Tomokaz Kawamura wanted to deliver the highest quality sound that everyone recognizes to as many people as possible. To achieve that, we released this pedal designed and supervised by Marc himself. It was very important to us to live up to the legend of Skreddy Pedals and not compromise in any way. At first there was concern if the sound could be achieved with standard off-the-shelf parts. But the moment we heard the finished pedal, all the anxiety was blown away. Marc Ahlf’s work managed to capture the Skreddy sound and tones due to his careful and brilliant design. Even if you don’t use “vintage and rare” parts, great tones can be achieved with careful design.

This collaboration between Animals Pedal and Skreddy Pedals shows new possibilities in the world of effects pedals!