【Effector Design】Skreddy Pedals

"Seriously, I have a strong passion for sound.
It's a passion I've had since I started playing music, and it's the greatest joy to hear the sounds in my head."
─Marc Ahlfs

Skreddy Pedals has been making effects pedals in California for many years.
Marc Ahlfs has been building effects pedals in California for many years, and is now known as one of the world's leading high quality effects pedal brands.
Skreddy pedals are so popular that players all over the world sometimes have to wait for months to order them, and since they use a large number of rare parts, they undergo minor model changes depending on the availability of parts. Even so, Skreddy Pedals has always been dedicated to the best and brightest sounds, and the effects created in this way have captivated many players. Once you've tasted them, you'll never forget them, and that's the essence of what Skreddy Pedals is all about.
We want to bring the highest quality sound to as many people as possible.
In order to achieve this goal, Animal Pedal has decided to release a pedal designed and supervised by Marc Ahlfs, the builder.
With the legendary Skreddy Pedals name on it, the sound had to be uncompromising. Using generic parts to create the Skreddy Pedals sound. Marc Ahlfs' creations, carefully designed down to the very last detail, were still overwhelmingly of the highest sound quality. It's also a completely Skreddy Pedals sound.
The collaboration between Animals Pedal and Skreddy Pedals opens up new possibilities in the world of effects pedals.