【Effector Design】BJFE

The effects created by legendary effects builder Bjorn Juhl have been surprising many players with their sound. The sound produced by his unique circuitry has overturned the concept of conventional effects pedals, and continues to be highly supported by players around the world.

Bjorn Juhl (BJF) has been creating effects pedals for himself since before he started BJFE.
When BJF bought his first electric guitar, he didn't have an amplifier, so he modified a radio he had at home to produce guitar sounds. There was still no Internet and very little information about guitar equipment, so BJF gathered all the information he could get in Stockholm at that time and met many people to gain various knowledge.
He worked as a guitar tech at an old music store in Stockholm, where he did fretwork and setups for many guitars. Later, I bought a guitar with built-in fuzz and booster, but I was not satisfied with its quality, so I disassembled the effect parts and made various modifications.

In 1981, he created his first guitar effects unit.
Later, he developed bass amplifiers for a local Scandinavian manufacturer of world class instruments.

In 1999, BJF started his own amp repair store. In 1999, BJF started an amp repair shop where he repaired all kinds of equipment from guitar amps to synthesizers. The store gained a reputation for repairing equipment that was deemed unrepairable by other stores.
BJF exhibited three effects pedals at a guitar show in Stockholm, and the quality of the sound led to the sale of effects pedals worldwide.

In 2000, BJF founded BJFE, which stands for BJ Forstarkarelektronik, and some of the earliest products can be seen with these letters.