【Effector Design】Wren and Cuff

Wren and Cuff is a small effects company in California.

In 2006, the company began making handmade guitar and bass effects pedals.
What started out as Matthew Holl's hobby as a musician making his own gear and electronics, has slowly grown into a growing company with a sound that has spread far and wide. One man's obsession was recognized around the world. The company's reputation continued to grow, along with its sincere attitude, as its effects pedals with extraordinary tone and quality became a prominent presence in the world.
Musicians of all genres, including J.Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), use Wren and Cuff pedals at their feet and in their studios. Wren and Cuff are known for their high level of reproduction of vintage pedals, as well as the creation of original pedals born from their many experiments.
In creating the Animals Pedal, we have focused on combining Wren and Cuff's high level of attention to detail into a standard, accessible pedal.
This means that development takes a long time, but it is necessary in order to achieve the best pedal possible.