【Design】Jonas Claesson

(動画編集者 Spencer Sarson Visuals )

Jonas Claesson, an illustrator living in Australia, was born in Stockholm, Sweden. In his works, he depicts a unique world where moose, polar bears, reindeer, seals, and people live together in harmony with beautiful nature, animals, and humans. It depicts a unique world where beautiful nature, animals and people are harmoniously fused together. Jonas's hand-drawn illustrations are sometimes digitally enhanced and transformed into bold and highly expressive works. Jonas' hand-drawn illustrations are sometimes digitally enhanced and transformed into bold, highly expressive works. This energetic approach has created a vivid, warm, and unique worldview that has become his trademark.
Jonas's career as an illustrator, which began with the surf brand Billabong, has expanded to include providing artwork for nature-loving brands such as Patagonia and KEEN, and he is gaining attention as a presence loved and supported not only by surfers and campers but also by children and adults around the world.
Jonas Claesson, an illustrator who expresses his wonderful world view through surfing with humorous animal motifs, will start his apparel collection from Spring/Summer 2019. The collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, caps, and other items that reflect his unique landscape and mind. We hope you will look forward to the collection that condenses a lifestyle that is both simple and yet something that everyone yearns for at one time or another.

Header film by Spencer Sarson https://jonasc.jp/aboutjonas/