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Animals Pedal Diamond Peak Hybrid Over Drive

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One of the most famous sounds in all of rock music is the famous “distorted but transparent” tone that was created with the 1960s/1970s era UK made tube amps with a compact pedal. Our new Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive takes a page from this book, crafting real rock tones focused upon that “brink of distortion” style of overdrive while adding crucial midrange components designed to cut through any band or mix.

Our latest version of the Diamond Peak Hybrid OD has improved access to the footswitch by placing it to the front right spot on the pedal, while also making it easier to change the battery when needed. The art has been upgraded, and the circuit has been fine-tuned and expanded to work well with a wider range of guitars and amplifiers.

Based on our Major Overdrive, we dropped the gain and expanded the headroom of the circuit. The distortion in the signal has presence while being light gain. And when you raise the gain gradually, the tone stays powerful and does not get muddy. The TONE control allows you to dial in the top end to match with a wide range of amplifiers and guitars. If you turn it down on lower settings, a darker tone is created that can be useful for bright guitars and amps.

Each nuance of the sound created by the DPHO is finely detailed, with a sound that allows you to hear every note of complex chords, even with heavier gain settings. The tone is beautifully balanced with a crisp cutting edge made by immediate attack dynamics. You can hear and feel every touch of the pick or finger on your strings. Very dynamic, the Diamond Peak Hybrid OD is a pedal that adds expression to your sound with your volume control, picking dynamics, and tone of your guitar. Add your playing and passion and you have a perfect mix. It’s all the best things about tube amplifiers from the classic days with that light distortion that sounds “pushed” and exciting – get this tone anytime with our DPHO.

Animals Pedal x Skreddy Pedals

Effects pedals crafted with serious attention to detail. The vintage tone produced by Marc Ahlfs of Skreddy Pedals has continued to create inspiring sounds that have players around the world drooling – and once they taste it, they never forget it. The effects that Marc builds create an overwhelming sound and are known for luxurious construction with vintage and rare parts. So, it would be impossible for us to recreate these in any numbers.

Our founder Tomokaz Kawamura wanted to deliver the highest quality sound that everyone recognizes to as many people as possible. To achieve that, we released this pedal designed and supervised by Marc himself. It was very important to us to live up to the legend of Skreddy Pedals and not compromise in any way. At first there was concern if the sound could be achieved with standard off-the-shelf parts. But the moment we heard the finished pedal, all the anxiety was blown away. Marc Ahlf’s work managed to capture the Skreddy sound and tones due to his careful and brilliant design. Even if you don’t use “vintage and rare” parts, great tones can be achieved with careful design.

This collaboration between Animals Pedal and Skreddy Pedals shows new possibilities in the world of effects pedals!

VOL: Adjusts the overall volume.
TONE: Adjusts the tone balance.
GAIN: Adjusts the strength of the distortion.

Current consumption: 1mA
Input impedance: 220K
Output impedance: 10K
Size: 64 W x 112 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 383g