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Animals Pedal 1927 HOME RUN KING COMP.

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The Animals Pedal 1927 Home Run King Comp is a popular compressor with a natural sound, easy to operate, and has real-time display of the compressor action with the LED indicator. This latest edition has both a bigger housing and more beautiful art. It is a “natural” compressor that modern players need and is easy to understand and use. For many guitarists, compressors can seem difficult to use and understand. The effect can be harder to hear than more “flashy” effects, and since it is an effect that helps to limit peaks and amplify quieter passages, can be seen to be an effect that is deceptive to the ear. But the compressor is an indispensable effect for guitarists, especially those who love beautiful clean tones and effortless sustain. The 1927 HRKC is the right compressor for you!

About Compression: A compressor is an effect designed to enhance and limit the levels of a signal and the density of a tone. The operation is like an effect such as overdrive, but it does not seemingly distort the signal, and could be called “an overdrive pedal with no overdrive”. The effect is that the sustain of your tone is longer, the signal is more up-front in the mix, and the tone when playing the guitar is makes it easier to play. This makes it much easier to play beautiful clean passages in contrast to heavier distorted passages with the same ease of playability and dynamic content.

With the 1927 HRKC we placed an active LED light that not only indicates that the effect is active, but it also blinks dynamically when the compressor is working to show you visually what it is effecting the signal. The tone of the compressor is truly natural-sounding, and the EQ knob can control a full range of tone that has been carefully selected. Add a little more high end to bring your guitar forward in the mix, or darken your tone if you are playing a bright instrument or amplifier. In addition to the compression and tone shaping capabilities, the 1927 HRKC also achieves studio-grade low noise performance by using quality parts and design, sounding much like a high-end studio machine.

Three simple knobs, an LED indicator that helps show when the effect is active, and the tones of high-end studio compression – the Animals Pedal 1927 Home Run King Comp! The foot switch is true bypass. It's powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

Vol.: Adjusts the volume.
COMP: Adjusts the strength of the compressor.
EQ: Adjusst the tone.

Think about the ballpark.
When the baseball field was still called a ball park,
Two superstar bears co-starred in their dreams.
The parabola they drew with their dreams on it was high and stretchy in the night sky.
It sucks in. Like this comp.

Current consumption: 17.5mA
Input impedance: 500k
Output impedance: 10k

Size: 64 W x 112 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 378g