A crossroads of sound.
A place where the best of the best mingle.

Animals Pedal works globally, creating effects pedals with designers who have a worldwide following.
The combination of graphic design and pedal design to design the circuitry.
The combination of graphic design and circuit design makes Animals Pedal's unique style and top quality sound accessible to the masses.
The design of the Animals Pedal was created by Jonas Claesson, whose designs are based on humorous animal motifs.
He is also a highly popular apparel designer in Japan, having released a pop-up store at Urban Research Doors and a special collaboration item for United Arrows green label relaxing.
Even if it's a standard effect, it should be a pedal that you can put on your feet and enjoy, which is also an essential passion when playing music.
We also collaborate with world-renowned effect builders to achieve sound quality that is impossible to achieve with standard pedals.
Over the years, Skreddy Pedals has shown an unparalleled dedication to parts and sound, and has a fanatical following for their attitude and sound.
Wren and Cuff, which recreates vintage pedals by reproducing the actual pedals rather than schematics down to the smallest detail, and has even created a signature model for J. Mascis.
Animals Pedal also produces effects pedals designed by the pedal designers behind these brands, giving you access to their unparalleled sounds.
Defy the norm. A whole new standard, but with the same musical sound as top quality pedals and the unique style of Animals Pedal.
To do this, we had to work with designers from around the world.

I've always wanted an effects pedal with a design like this.
I wanted a pedal that would be placed at the feet of a guitarist.
I want to be as particular as possible.
Animals pedals featuring cute animals and unique characters.
The Animals Pedal, featuring cute animals and unique characters
It's finally here.